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Health Conditions that Affect Denture Fit
Your dentures won’t fit firmly forever. There will come a time when they begin to loosen and lose the suction that once held them snugly in place. Age, trauma, and a number of other direct and obvious factors can impact how your dentures fit, but there are also a few...
Getting Dentures Abroad - Which Countries are the Best
The United States of America has some of the best healthcare in the world, but it’s also some of the most expensive, and nowhere is this truer than with dental care.  In many European countries, you will be given free healthcare as and when you need it, and even when...
Drugs and Other Substances that Affect Denture Fit
In previous articles, we have looked at the many health conditions and other problems that can affect denture fit. We’ve warned you about the potential issues caused by everything from gum disease and dry mouth to cancer and more. Even age will alter the shape of your mouth and change...