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XODENT manufactures one of the best all-in-one denture wash and cleaning tablets kit. Contact us with any questions whether you need a denture wash cleaning kit for yourself or need to buy it in bulk for your dental practice. Please provide your specific needs. 

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Will I Need Dentures in my Life? An Honest Assessment
Contrary to what you might think, dentures are not inevitable. Teeth are strong and resilient, and if you look after them, they will remain long after your hair has turned grey and you’ve lost all interest in modern music. They’re a great option to have if you ever lose most...
Why Don’t Dentures Last Forever? The Shocking Truth That All Seniors Must Read
Dentures are not as resilient as real teeth. They can’t hold up to the same stresses and strains and, as a result, they won’t last as long. But why not? Why don’t dentures last forever, how long do they last, and is there anything that you can do to increase...
Why do Humans Smile & Laugh and do Dentures Change Things?
Despite differences in skin color, language, and geography, humans share a universal language: the smile. If you’ve experienced tooth loss, poor gum health, or are just unhappy with your smile, you know how important it is to your confidence.  Do dentures change things? How can a quality set of dentures...