Complete Denture Cleaning Kit with ONE Year of Denture Cleaning Tablets


  • 🦷 1x XODENT Denture Cleaning Kit contains 2 denture baths, 2 strainer baskets, 2 soft-bristle brushes, 30 denture cleaning tablets
  • 🦷 Maintains Oral Care and Hygiene - Keep your hard-working dentures sanitized with this dental cleaning kit. It removes plaque build-up, stains and eliminates 99.9% of particles that cause bad breath!
  • 🦷 Cleans Fast & Easy - Caring for your dentures shouldn’t have to be hard or time-consuming. With this denture cleaner kit, thoroughly cleaning your dentures only takes 15 minutes of your time!
  • 🦷 Small & Portable - This dental cleaning kit is compact,
    lightweight, and easy to carry around. It fits easily in purses,
    backpacks, and car compartments, making it suitable for travel and personal use
  • PLUS 360x Denture Cleaning Tablets!